Simonis Billiard Cloth and Investors Resource Alliance, LLC get behind the sleeping giant Reality show “Pool, Poker and Pain”

Gurnee, Illinois - January 23rd, 2009 - Iwan Simonis, Inc., the world standard for billiard cloth, has recognized the progress and potential of Blair Thein and his project and has committed to help Blair (Creator/Promoter/Contestant) align himself with a professional company to package PPP for investment. Investors Resource Alliance LLC intends to deliver the knock-out punch as they package PPP to attract the right investors that will allow this extreme dream to become a reality. 

Vice president Edward Weinecke and Executive Alex Decker of Investors Resource Alliance LLC feel they have a tiger by the tail as PPP is a very sexy and exciting project. By opening up their resources to help Blair put the final touches on the planning, development and packaging of the Pool, Poker and Pain reality show, it looks like the highly ambitious project can get the funding that it needs to reach the next level. This final development process will be in high gear over the next month to package and present the groundbreaking show.

The character based reality show has blockbuster potential as its reach touches 3 unique and exciting sports... Pool, Poker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The combination of this dramatic reality show, leading up to a unique triathlon style event, is slated to bring new eyes to each respective sport.

Blair intends to begin scheduling meetings with qualified investors interested in being involved with a completely new twist on combined discipline sports and ready to make sports and entertainment history. For more information and insight into the Pool, Poker and Pain concept, visit

"The Interest in the uniqueness and excitement that surrounds this project, along with recent developments lead me to believe that 2009 is the year that “Pool, Poker and Pain” will Shine!" -Blair Thein