Enter Accu-Stats Giveaway on the Forums for Free U.S. Open Stream Package

Accu-Stats Video Productions is allowing AZBilliards to give away the entire PPV package for next weeks U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships to a lucky AZB'er.

You can learn more about this package at www.accu-stats.com. If you sign up for the service and then win the contest your purchase price will be refunded. We wish to thank Pat and the gang at A-S for this offer that is open to ALL AZB forum members.

Here is how you win: Pick four numbers. The number that is closest to the closing number for the S&P 500 on Friday the 10th will win the Free Stream. Please remember that the S&P uses decimals, so we will place a decimal before the third number. For instance, the S&P as I write this stands at 1,952.76. If that is the same number on Friday then the winning entry would be 5276 as we would place the decimal and make it 52.76. You may, of course, place the decimal yourself if you so desire. As the fraction is often more than two digits we will round numbers as follows: anything 5 or greater will round up, anything less than 5 will round down. So 1,952.7650 would round to 1,952.77 and 1,952.7649 would round to 1,952.76. Should the market close on an even number (not likely) we will add .00 to the end of that number. If it were to close at 1,952  we would make that 1,952.00 and the winning number would be the one closest to 5200. Submit only four numbers. If you submit a number that is longer than four numbers we will use the last four digits of that number. This link should take you directly to the correct forum page.

Post your ONE AND ONLY ENTRY here in this forum. We will announce the winner Friday night.  All posts must be made PRIOR TO NOON on Friday to be valid. So expect a crowd to be trying to post exactly at noon. If you get left out in this digital version of musical chairs, well, you should have guessed earlier. It is truly a guess anyway.  The S&P has been swinging like a lamp in an earthquake of late. Time of post will be judged by the time listed on the post. 11:59 AM will be the last acceptable time. Our official number will be the one listed as the closing number for the S&P on Finance.yahoo.com.

Winner will be announced in the forums and will be contacted by PM to award him his prize.

I think this covers all of the bases.  If I think of more details I will add them to the post in the Main Forum where you enter your number.