Erica Testa wins New England Women’s Tour Opener

The McDermott Cue New England Women's Tour held its 2007 season opener on April 29th at the Silver Cue Billiard Club in Woburn, MA. It was the first event run by the new tour director, Marc Dionne, who also runs the New England 9 Ball Series tour. Overall the event ran smoothly and the participants seemed to approve of the new tour director.

Early on several players looked strong and had the potential to win the event. Stacie Bourbeau and Liz Bernier both played professional-looking games. Melony Page, although not possessing as strong a stroke as the top players, was very methodical and consistent in her play and earned herself a third place finish. However, the day would go to Erica Testa, who stayed focused and played excellently throughout the event.

Stacie Bourbeau defeated Katie Fiorilla, Kristy Marr, Melony Page, and Erica Testa to take her place in the hot seat where she sat for several hours awaiting the final match. On the consolation side Melony Page defeated Liz Bernier in the quarterfinal match but lost to Erica Testa in the semi-final.

After defeating Page, Testa faced Stacie Bourbeau in the finals. Because the tournament is a true double elimination format Testa would have to win two sets against Bourbeau to take first place. Testa started out the first set with a nice run out in the first rack. She failed to make a ball on the next break but Bourbeau missed a shot on the 3 ball and Testa eventually made a combination shot on the 9 ball. Bourbeau took game three, but scratched on the next break allowing Testa to run two balls and then pocket a combination shot on the 9 ball. Testa won game five as well to put her ahead 4-1. Bourbeau won the next two games and looked like she was about to make a comeback but Testa won the last three games to take the set 7-3.

Bourbeau won the toss for the first break in set two but did not pocket a ball. Testa eventually ran the rack. In game two Bourbeau missed a bank shot on the 9 ball which Testa then pocketed. Testa failed to sink a ball on the next break and Bourbeau won the next three games, which for the first time put her ahead in the match 3-2. The balls got clumped together in game six which forced the women into a safety battle that Testa eventually won. Testa's focus seemed to waiver a bit in game seven and she hung the 9 ball. Bourbeau made her pay by winning that game and game 8 to put her ahead 5-3. Unfortunately for Bourbeau the tide of the match turned in game 9 when after playing a safety Testa was able to pocket a combination shot on the 9 ball. Testa fouled in game ten but even with ball-in-hand Bourbeau could not run the rack. Testa, however, was happy to do so. Testa came up dry on the next break, but Bourbeau missed the first shot and Testa again was able to play a combination shot on the 9 ball that put her on the hill 6-5. Testa scratched on the break in game twelve, but Bourbeau did not have a shot and had to play safe. The odds seemed improbable, but Testa again saw an opportunity and sank the 9 ball early to win the game and the second set 7-5.

Erica Testa will be playing at the WPBA Midwestern Classic on October 3-7, 2007. Play well Erica!