Ernesto “Mexapinomix” Bayaua Snags Stop #7 on the Tiger Amateur Tour

David Mendiola and Ernesto Bayaua
Ernesto "Mexapinomix" Bayaua Snags Stop #7 on the Tiger Amateur Tour

The Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #7 of the season this past weekend at Bogies Billiards, it was scheduled for Rose Country but was changed at the last minute due to a few miscommunications at Rose Country. Anyhow thanks to David Richardson of Bogies Billiards for allowing us to move it there in a very last second manner, we appreciate it. We lost a few players when we moved but we still had a great turnout of 60 entrants to do battle for the $750 added cash in the main event and 16 in Sundays $250 added Second Chance event.

So with 60 Entrants we had to play down to the final 16 who would return Sunday. On Sunday the final 8 of the winners side went like this: Durango Duran 11-7 over Raymond Cardenas, Bobby Gonzales spanked Rudy Sanches 11-1, David Taylor got by will Felder 11-5 and Ernesto Bayaua made easy work of Grady Cooper, as Grady was a no show. So this set up the winners side final 4 and the pairing were as follows, the Victoria,Texas battle of Bobby Gonzales against Durango Duran, and Durango got the nod 11-8, also on the other half Ernesto bested David Taylor 11-5 to set up Durango and Ernesto in the hot seat match.The hotseat match was a close one up until 4, then Ernesto slipped away and scored an 11-6 victory and hold claim to the hot seat, which had been death the first 6 stops of the year, with 6 double dips.

So the 13-16 round on the one loss side started out like this David Mendiola over Roy Payton 9-5, Jason Bacon steamrolled Ruben Flores 9-2, Jason Pearce 9-4 over Issac Urbano, and Mickey Wonicki in a 9-8 thriller over "houdini" Rodney Stewart.

The 9-12 round saw David M. oust Will Felder 9-7, Jason B. got a forfiet win over Grady Cooper, Raymond C. over Jason P. 9-3 and Mickey over Rudy 9-2.

The round of 7-8 saw David M. keep rolling as he beat the Baconator 9-6, and Mickey got by Raymond 9-4.

This set up the 5-6 round and it was a thriller with 2 hill-hill matches. David M. won a squeaker 9-8 over Bobby G. as did Mickey over David T. 9-8.

So with 4 players left and David M. steamrolling thru the one loss side it was Mickey who had to take him on next and the results were the same lil David got another victory 9-5 for his 8th straight win, and set him up in the one loss side finals against Durango. The match was tight till 5-5 and David slipped away from another one and ended up winning his 9th match in a row 9-6. This got David a shot at the title against Ernesto.

The Finals: I must say anyone that was watching this saw how hot David was shooting coming into this riding a 9 match winning streak, well he met the "Mexapinomix" Ernesto Bayaua and Ernesto put on a real clinic and ended Davids run with an 11-2 finals victory. Congrats to both on a great tourney run.

The Second Chance tourney had 16 entrants and $250 added prize money, it cam down to the final two players Jose Delacruz and Curtis Cardwell, and Curtis double dipped Jose to win the $250 1st place prize. Good shooting to you two.

We would like to thank everyone whom played this event and never said a word when we changed locations, it made for a late start but a much better tourney.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors that help make the events possible: Tiger Products,, Mueller Products, Dreamline Promotions, Jay Helfert, and our newest sponsor CSI/BCA (Mark Griffin).

We hope to see everyone at the next event Aug. 6-7 at Slick Willies.