One of the JUICE crew snags stop #6 on the Tiger Amateur Tour

Joey Torres and David Parker

The Tiger Amateur Tour held stop #6 of the season this past weekend at the beautiful Casper's Billiards in San Leon, Texas. This venue is a two story billiards room and has just been renovated to add a new wing downstairs to hold six more tables, all tables are 9 ft gold crowns. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention this place has the best food of any pool room on the planet. So we had 70 players attend along with numerous onlookers and sweaters of the action.

So with 70 entrants we played down to the final 16, whom would all be paid for their trip out to the billiards room overlooking the water of the Galveston Bay. This $1,600 added event went like this. Winners side action kicked off at 1:00 Sunday and saw Robert Perez defeat Daniel Coffman 9-5, both players came up from Corpus Christi along with about 6 more of their pals. Shonn Ballew squeaked by Rodney "houdini" Stewart 9-7, Sonny Bosshamer made quick work of J.C. Torres 9-4, and Joey Torres got by Eric Renteria by a score of 9-4. The final 4 of the winners side pitted Sonny vs Joey and it was a nail biter before Joey got the nod 9-7, on the other half of the winners side Shonn played Robert and Shonn steamrolled thru this match 9-2. This set up Shonn against Joey for the hot seat match and they traded games back and forth until 7-7, then Joey got the nod and the hot seat 9-7.

The round of 13-16 on the one loss side saw David Parker over John McDowell 9-2, Oscar Vasquez over Will Felder 9-7, Danny Lee got by David Escobedo 9-3, Ty Few over David Neumann 9-6.

The round of 9-12 saw David over Daniel 9-7, Oscar put an end to Houdinis magic tricks 9-5, Danny ousted J.C. 9-3, and Ty steamed thru Eric 9-0.

The round of 7-8 pitted David against Oscar and David got the nod 9-3, and in a real thriller Danny got by Ty Few 9-7.

The round of 5-6 saw David 9-0 over Robert, and Sonny over Danny 9-7.

This put the 4th place match of David against Sonny, and it was a real treat of a match. Sonny jumped out to a lead and stayed there for a long while, at one point holding a 8-5 lead, and David dug in and got rack after rack to win an amazing match 9-8.

Now with Shonn waiting he found his opponent in David, and this match was a quickie as David got the nod 9-3. Congrats to Shonn on a great run in the event and a wonderful showing in 3rd. Hope to see him at future events.

Now with two players left it put David Parker against 14 year old phenom Joey Torres. Joey won the hot seat while David had won 9 matches in a row to get back here. He needed 2 more matches to snap it off and give the man that taught him pool a wonderful fathers Day gift, and complete the sixth, yes I said sixth double dip out of six stops this season. And that is just what he did, he was on a real mission and won the first set 9-6, then held an 8-5 lead in the final match, before Joey grinded back to hill-hill and had the break. He broke made a ball, was hooked, decided to kick at it instead of rolling out, he hit it, left David a tough 1-4 combo, but he made it and ran out the rest of the rack to win his first Tiger stop. Congrats to Joey Torres on a great finish, and a definite congrats to David Parker, better known on AZ as Put_upor_shutup. This was a victory for the JUICE crew.

The Second Chance Event had 18 players and $250 added. At the end of the day it was Danny Roland against Victor Rojas and Danny got the victory along with $250. Congrats.

We at the Tiger Amateur Tour would like to thank everyone that participated in this event in any way.

We also want to thank room owners Roy and Cathy Robinson for letting us hold an event at this wonderful venue.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors as well. Tiger Products, Htownbilliards, Mueller, Dreamline Promotions, and Jay Helfert.

And a special thanks to Junior Moore of Deep Pockets Billiards as he chipped in and added money to an event that was not even at his pool room. What a great guy he is. You will not find many like him.

We hope to see everyone at the next event at Rose Country on July 16-17. For more info you can visit