Fantasy League For Pool – Cue Kings Launches For Mosconi Cup

Finally, our sport is “validated”! Pool has got it’s own Fantasy League!

At you can make predictions for the Mosconi Cup, and they plan to host 104 tournaments (if Covid-19 allows us) with both season long and weekly tournaments..

Owned and operated by a group of seasoned people from both the pool and other industries (Florian Kohler and Omega Billiards being just a few of them). This looks to be a place to showcase your knowledge, analytical skills, and win prizes while doing so!

Most other sports has their own Fantasy League, and perhaps it will be helpful for the mainstream media when they see that, now pool also has it?

What is “Fantasy sports”?

The main difference between fantasy sports and regular betting, is the skill part. In regular betting you most often just predict the outcome of a match or event. While in Fantasy sports, you need to make predictions on how the match will play out. So in this case, that means you have to predict everything from who wins the lag, how many break & runs, what the score will be and many other criterias. This makes it a skill game, and that’s where the biggest difference lies.

With the uncertainty of when the pool world will return to normal, it will perhaps be difficultly to host the 104 events that they got planned. I am however told that events like the NBL and other mid- to big sized events will be added.

This means you can opt to join for just single events, or try to win the global ranking for the entire season.

They will award prizes after each event, in addition to extra prizes to the monthly and season winners. Prizes are products from reputable establishments like Omega Billiards and consist of everything from cues, bags, towels, to a brand new Diamond 9 foot table!

I guess I am going to have to visit and join the action!