Father and Son ready for Singapore Tour Stop

Frennie Reyes With Father Efren Reyes

Brackets are drawn for the first stop on the San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour this weekend at The Pool Haven in Singapore.

The top eight players are seeded into the brackets and will not face each other until the 3rd round of play. The top eight players in order are Francisco Bustamante, Efren Reyes, Ching-Shun Yang, Young-Hwa Jeong, Warren Kiamco, Shin-Young Park, Satoshi Kawabata and Fong-Pang Chao.

Of interest to the fans, is the play of Frennie Reyes (son of Efren Reyes). Frennie Reyes drew Siauw Wieto from Indonesia in the first round and has a possible match with Ching-Shun Yang waiting in the second round if he can get by Wieto.

Brackets are online and will be updated throughout the weekend.

Photo courtesy of ESPN STAR