Fisher and Hohmann win BCA Open Titles

Allison Fisher and Thorsten Hohmann are the new BCA Open 9-Ball Champions.

In the first match of the day on Saturday, Fisher came back from a slow start to score a close win over defending three time champion Karen Corr. Fisher started the match with multiple uncharacteristic errors and trailed Corr 4-2. Fisher took control from there and won the next three games to pull back ahead at 5-4. Corr tied the match again at 5-5 but hung a three-ball in the 11th rack to allow Fisher to regain control at 6-5. A successful safety by Fisher in the 12th rack led to Fisher running out for the 7-5 win.

While the women's match was highly competitive, the Men's final match was lopsided as Thorsten Hohmann won the lag and went on to break and run the first rack. That would become a theme for the match as Johnny Archer struggled to take control of the table on his break and Hohmann broke and ran each time he came to the table in the alternating break format. Archer couldn't seem to find a happy medium as he made three balls on the break and scratched during one rack and came up empty on the break in another. In the end, it was Hohmann scoring a dominating 7-0 win.

Both Fisher and Hohmann earned $15,000 in prize money for the win.