BCA Open 9-Ball TV Rounds Set

The TV matches are now set for the BCA Open 9-Ball Championships.

In the men's division, Johnny Archer took the hot-seat with an 11-2 win over Thorsten Hohmann. Hohmann's opponent on Friday will be Mika Immonen. Immonen started the day Thursday on the one-loss side, but scored wins over Kunihiko Takahashi, Troy Frank, Chris Szuter and Andreas Roschkowsky to earn his spot in the TV Rounds.

In the ladies division, Allison Fisher took the hot-seat with a win over Karen Corr and will face the winner between Corr and Ewa Laurance. Laurence dropped a 9-0 decision to Corr on Thursday but bounced back with a hill-hill win over Tiffany Nelson in the final match of the night on Thursday.