Fisher wins 2005 Amway Cup

Alllison Fisher

The final two matches of the 2005 Amway Cup were held tonight in Taipei. The first pairing, between Karen Corr And Shin-Mei Liu, found Karen Corr capturing third place with a 7-4 victory.

Our championship round was between Allison Fisher and Ga-Young Kim. Allison started out strong, jumping into an early 5-1 lead. Ga-Young Kim could never catch up. Allison continued to stretch out her lead, looking very comfortable at the table, and took the championship with a commanding 11-6 margin. Asked afterward as to the factors that led to her victory Allison commented that her focus had been excellent all week and that she had been able to quickly forget and put aside any errors she may have made.

After the trophy presentations were made the entire cast of players along with friends and fans moved down the street to a local nightclub and enjoyed a party hosted by event organizer Mr. Tu.