Fisher wins San Diego Classic

Allison Fisher has now won 3 straight WPBA events

The WPBA website is reporting that Allison Fisher has won the WPBA San Diego Classic.

Fisher started the event as the #1 seed and ran through her first four matches relatively untested, before dropping a match to Jeanette Lee who has put the rest of the WPBA on notice this year that she is on a mission to regain #1 status.

Fisher moved to the left side of the board and defeated Gerda Hofstatter to earn her position in the TV rounds on Sunday.

Fisher's first match on Sunday was against Romana Dokovic in Dokovic's first TV appearance. This match went to Fisher 7-1. The semi-final went to hill-hill before Fisher was able to dispatch #2 ranked Karen Corr.

Fisher then faced off against Lee again in the finals. Fisher and Lee has been frequent opponents in the last few events with Lee earning wins at the Tournament of Champions and Atlanta Women's Open, while Fisher scored two wins over Lee in the Delta Classic last month.

Lee may have beaten Fisher earlier in the tournament, but the finals is the most important match and Fisher earned the hill-hill win in the finals to remain unbeaten in the finals of 2004 WPBA events.

Complete brackets for this event are available on the WPBA website.