Fortune 500 to invest in pocket billiards

A coalition of Fortune 500 companies has announced their upcoming investment in the game of pocket billiards.

Coalition spokesman Epique Phail was questioned as to why there was an interest in pocket billiards and his reply spoke volumes about what the coalition was attracted to.

"We were really impressed with the camaraderie and cooperation that we saw in the pocket billiards world. Although pocket billiards has struggled for years, it was obvious from everyone that we dealt with that the movers and shakers in the billiards world were most interested in the health of the game instead of their own bottom line. Even competitors in the billiards world regularly put their own competition aside and make decisions that are for the betterment of the sport."

Phail was quick to point out that this is actually an investment and that the coalition will not be playing an active role in pocket billiards decisions. "History has shown us that the people involved in decision making for the billiards world know what they are doing and don't really need our interference." said Phail.

One of the first things that the billiards world is expected to do with this influx of cash is to put together a staff of people to work from a newly announced office based at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nv. "We have just signed a 5 year lease at this new office and are looking forward to many years of prosperity" said billiards spokesman Don Mackey.