The Pocket Billiards Coach

ZeroInsoft LLC is proud to release its first Pocket Billiards Coaching app for iOS devices, specifically iPhone and iPad. The Coach is long time touring professional Pocket Billiard player and world renowned coach, Paul Potier from Canada.


Our app is designed to assist any level of player to reach their potential. It is a coaching app, not merely a teaching app.


SEATTLE – January, 2016 The Pocket Billiards Coach app is our first product. It was released on the App Store on August, 2015. This app’s primary focus is to coach the player through its unique format, split into 5 sections, each section assists the other sections to pave the way for the student to effectively plan their personal development. This app is mainly for the pool league player due to their regular playing habits. However this app can definitely help any player at any skill level. Our goal is to guide the student to reach whatever level of expertise in pocket billiards that they wish to attain.  


This app is simple in design and format. It has five sections: Three scenario based sections (Words of Wisdom, Pre- Game, and In-Game), a Drill section, and a More section for everything else. The Words of Wisdom section is designed to help you plan your development by understanding where you are currently and how you can reach your goals. The Pre-Game scenarios help you prepare to be the best you can be every time you play or practice. The In-Game scenarios can assist you during a match or practice session. The scenarios found in Words of Wisdom, Pre-game and In-game are from situations that all of us experience when we play pool. The entire app is designed to help you avoid bad situations. It also gives insight on how to solve issues that you can’t avoid. The Drill/Practice section has drills, games, and tests that Paul has found very useful in helping many of his students and himself over the years. The In-game section includes topics like what to do after you've missed an easy shot, how to deal with it mentally and how to prepare yourself for your next shot. The App is filled with these kinds of anecdotes, everything in the App is available in text form as well as in voice recorded form. There are also many videos to visually help explain concepts and a glossary to define the meaning of some of our sports terminology. The student can and should repeat the use of all the features and information as often as possible to get the most out of this app.


A quote from the Coach: “We designed this app to help pool players develop strong mental, physical, and emotional habits to overcome any and all obstacles that could interfere with their performance. An important lesson to learn is that being a champion is not just about winning, it’s about a way of thinking and behaving. Allow me to guide you to become the champion you can be proud of.”


This app is available now and it is free to download. iOS version 8.1 or higher and WiFi connection are required. Although all the information that is available on the free version can help you reach your potential we highly recommend that you purchase the extended features. We have included an in-app feature bundle for purchase for $2.99 US for a limited time. The current features include voice recordings for all scenarios, many video recordings, and a scoring system for one of the drills. Our app is available in any country where iOS products are offered, but currently only in English. We hope to make it available in Japanese in the near future, and potentially in other smartphone platforms.


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Zeroinsoft LLC is a software development company based out of Seattle, Washington. Our mission is to empower every person to become the best pocket billiards player they can be.


If you would like more information about the app or have some pocket billiards related questions. You can reach us at, or Paul Potier at