Paul Potier Unveils New Coaching App

The long anticipated Pocket Billiards Coach App developed by Paul Potier long time touring and teaching professional based out of Calgary, Alberta in association with developers based out of the Seattle area is now available worldwide for download on the Iphone operating system IOS. recently had the pleasure of speaking with Paul about what this new app has to offer.
Good afternoon Paul we have had discussions about this App for quite some time now, you must feel great to see all of your hard work ready to be unveiled to the pool world.
Yes, we are very pleased to have reached a point in our development that we can now offer our insights into how each and every player can improve their game. As with every start up idea the first steps are always the most challenging and we are very excited to have a finished product that we are happy with. I have taught 1000's of students 1 on 1 and always wanted to find a way to reach people who I can't meet with face to face. I am happy that with today’s technology this is now a possibility through our Pocket Billiards Coach App.
There are endless sources of instructional material available to the public, what makes the Pocket Billiards Coach different?
For this first App we have decided to take a greater focus on the mental side of the game. There is fundamental guidance included in the App as well but I have known for a long time that after an adequate fundamental base has been laid out the thing that keeps someone from playing consistently well, and at a constant level of improvement, is the mental game. With that in mind we have focused our efforts into a coaching based model. The Pocket Billiards Coach App is separated into 5 sections, Words of Wisdom, Pre-game, In-game, Practices/Drills, and More. The Words of Wisdom section is designed to help you plan your development by understanding where you are currently and how you can reach your goals. The scenarios found in Words of Wisdom, Pre-game and In-game are from situations that all of us experience when we play pool. The entire app is designed to help you avoid bad situations. It also gives insight on how to solve issues that you can’t avoid. The In-game section includes topics like what to do after you've missed an easy shot, how to deal with it mentally and how to prepare yourself for your next shot. The App is filled with these kinds of anecdotes, everything in the App is available in text form as well as in voice recorded form. There are also many videos to visually help explain concepts and a glossary to define the meaning of some of our sports terminology. 
Sounds interesting, how can people order the App and what is the charge?
Currently the App is only available on IOS operating systems, specifically iPhone and iPad. IPhone users can find us by going to the App Store and searching for The Pocket Billiards Coach. As we move forward we hope to make it available on all operating systems. The initial download is free and an upgraded purchase can be made for 2.99 USD which will give you unlimited lifetime access to all the content, including special features, in the App.
Will you be doing any promotional touring for the launch of the App?
Yes, I am booked for the 10 ball event at the Chinook winds casino in Oregon from the 8th to the 12th of October and I will be staying on the Chinook wind for the BCAPL Northwest championships the following week. We will have a booth set up for the duration of the two events and we welcome all attendees to stop by and pay us a visit to learn more about what the App has to offer and to see more about the vision our new company ZeroInSoft LLC has planned in the near future.
Good stuff Paul and congratulations on the launch of the new App!
Thank you! For those of you that will not be in the Northwest this coming week I can be contacted at my site My team and I are all looking forward to helping many pool players reach their goals of personal excellence in pool.