Frankie Hernandez wins Blaze 18th Stop

Frankie Hernandez and owner Pete Calabrese

Alexandra's Billiards was where the 18th Stop of the Blaze Tour took place. 36 players made the trip including points leader Matt Krah, Frankie Hernandez and Mike Davis. Special thanks to Pete Calabrese for hosting the event.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Mike Davis with wins over KC Wagman 7-1, Brett Stottlemyer 7-2, Mike Miller 7-1 and Frankie Hernandez 7-6. On the bottom half of the bracket it was Joe Cataldi leading the way with wins over Shawn Jackson 7-3, Pete Calabrese 7-6, Andrea Grosso 7-1, Robert Kay 7-1 and Matt Krah 7-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Mike Davis vs Joe Cataldi. The match went hill-hill, but when it was all said and done Mike Davis came away with the win 7-6.

On the one loss side it was Frankie Hernandez making his run with wins over Mike Miller 7-4, Eddie Abraham 7-4, and winning a great match with Joe Cataldi 7-6 sending him to the finals.

In the finals it was Frankie Hernandez vs Mike Davis. Davis jumped to a 6-3 lead but Hernandez would not give up. Hernandez won the next 6 games and won the match 9-6 to win the 18th stop of the Blaze 9 ball tour.

1st Frankie Hernandez $700
2nd Mike Davis $430
3rd Joe Cataldi $350
4th Eddie Abraham $220
5th/6th Matt Krah, Mike Miller $150
7th/8th Andrea Grosso, Keith Christman $100