Mike Davis wins Blaze stop 23

Mike Davis shaking hands with Drexeline Billiards owner Bob Maidhof

Drexeline Billiards, in Drexel Hill PA hosted the 23rd stop of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour drawing players like Dawn Hopkins, Danny Basavich, Mike Davis, Frankie Hernandez, Pat McNally and points leader Matt Krah.

Leading the way from the top half of the bracket was Lee Holt with wins over Brett Stottlemyer 7-4, Lou Loupy 7-4 Keith Christman 7-5 and Bob Maidhof 7-3. Leading the way from the bottom half of the bracket was Mike Davis with wins over Al Lapena 7-3, Paul Actioin 7-0, Joe Dipetro 7-3 and Joe Cataldi 7-1. Fighting for the hot seat was Lee Holt vs Mike Davis. This was a one sided match with Mike Davis running away with the match 7-2 and sending Lee Holt to the one loss side.

Making his way through the one loss side was Frankie Hernandez with wins over Lou Loupy 6-1, Joe Dipetro 6-5, Joe Cataldi 6-1 and Bob Maidhof 6-4. Herenandez then faced Lee Holt to see who would go to the finals. This was a great match with Hernandez coming out on top 6-4 and sending him to the final match against Davis.

In the finals it was Mike Davis vs Frankie Hernandez, Hernandez had no chance as Mike Davis took control right from the beginning and ran away with the match 9-4 giving Mike Davis the 23rd stop of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour.

1st Mike Davis $1000
2nd Frankie Hernandez $600
3rd Lee Holt $400
4th Bob Maidhof $300
5th/6th Danny Basavich, Joe Cataldi $200
7th/8th Phil Sherman, Joe Dipetro $100
9th/12th Keith Christman, Dawn Hopkins, John Greshock, Lou Loupy Patrikios $70