Free Trip to Vegas For Half of ALL Players

Innovative Pool Game Launches New "Free Trip" Format

Dallas, TX, Friday, March 15, 2012:  Scott Willoughby, General Manger of Pool300, announces the launch of, “Win a Trip to Vegas Leagues.”  Starting June 1, 2012, all Pool300 Leagues will be competing to win trips to play in the BCA National Team 8 Ball Championships at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. 

Most competing Pool Leagues either don't offer a paid trip to their National Championship or reward a very small percentage of their teams, usually 5% or less.  Pool300 will reward 50% of the teams in each league with a trip that includes roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations at the Rio Hotel and Casino, and entry fee into the tournament.

In POOL300, clearing the table in order without missing gets the shooter a strike. Clearing the table with one miss is a spare. POOL300 is 100% offense. When it's your turn, you're shooting for yourself, not directly against another player. Players are handicapped in the same way as bowling so beginners can compete against accomplished players and still have a chance to win.

For complete details go to or to get a league started contact Scott Willoughby at 855-TRY-POOL300.