Frost puts a chill on the desert dwellers

Scott Frost

Scott Frost once again left the rest of the field out in the cold as he made bar table 8-Ball look like mere child’s play in the second stop on the Desert Classic Tour.

This time, the DCT was hosted by the fabulous Bull Shooters in Phoenix, AZ.  Bull Shooters is not only the largest and most diverse room in Arizona, it is home to Mitch Ellerman, the 2008 U.S. Bar Table 8-Ball Champion.

Frost seemed to have his work cut out for him as he prepared to meet said Ellerman in the final race-to-10 match.  After an early round loss on day one, Ellerman went on a tear through the B-side of the board to earn his right to challenge Frost for the title on Sunday.  Now, with the live-stream camera “rolling,” the two combatants were ready to put on a show.

And what a show this was!  Frost had Ellerman flash-frozen in his seat as he reeled off the first seven games in a row; a feat that took all of twenty minutes to accomplish!  On a foul by Frost in game 8, however, Ellerman finally had the opportunity to thaw his game a little, and proceeded to heat things up by burning Frost for three games of his own.  But in game 11, Ellerman committed a foul of his own, turning the table over to Frost, who ran out from that point to take back the break.  Frost broke dry in game 12, however, allowing Ellerman to notch another win before Frost won the next two, closing out the set and the victory at 10-4.   

Probably, the most amazing thing in this match was that it took a total of only 43 minutes to complete.  That’s only 3 minutes per game!  Go ahead, try that one at home!

Statistical Analysis: By the Accu-Rate scoring system, Frost shot an astounding 956, compared to Ellerman’s score of 879.  Any score over 850 is considered A+ level (top professional).  Ellerman had the only 2 misses in the match, while 2 fouls were committed by each.  Ellerman’s break efficiency was the better of the two as he broke well on 80% of his breaks, compared to 60% for Frost.  This came despite the fact that Frost dropped 5 balls on one of his breaks and 3 on another.  

The next stop on the DCT will be April 4-5, and will feature 14.1 on 9ft. tables at Pockets in Tucson.

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