Frost upsets Reyes in One Pocket Challenge Match

Scott Frost

They say that in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. That is something that Scott Frost has had problems with; until the night of May 3rd in Phoenix, Az.

Frost scored an 8-6 one pocket win against the man who is widely accepted as the best one pocket player alive, Efren Reyes.

Reyes came out slow and saw Frost pounce on every opportunity he was given on the way to a quick 3-0 lead. Next, it was Reyes' turn as he won four games to take his first lead at 4-3. A win in the eighth rack found the players knotted up at 4-4 at the mid-match break.

The match stayed close after the break and the players worked their way to a 6-6 tie. Frost got to the hill first at 7-6, but looked like he would be letting Reyes join him on the hill in the next game when Reyes only needed one ball and Frost needing all of them.

Frost made a great run to get down to his last ball, but missed the final shot. 2 safety exchanges later, it was Frost slicing a ball down the short rail and being jubilantly lifted high by his supporters for the win.

The event, put together by Mark Cantrill with Eclipse Media, was broadcast online for a crowd of over 700 fans.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe