Future of Seminole Pro Tour

The Seminole Pro Tour would like to thank all of the fans, players, room owners and especially sponsors who have supported the tour through the past five years that the tour has been in existence.  It is with great sorrow and lament that the Seminole Tour will not have a season in 2012 and will continue to suspend operations indefinitely. 
From its small beginnings as a regional tour in South Florida, to its growth as the premier national 10-ball tour in the country, the Seminole Pro Tour has always strived to put the player's  and fan's interest first.  The operations were not munsoned, but rather an executive decision to suspend operations was made.   The amount of support that the Tour has had has been overwhelming.  The countless correspondence that has been received expressing their support for the Tour has not gone unnoticed.  The Seminole Pro Tour and the Seminole Tribe would like to say, “Sho-naa-bish (thank you).”
The Tour would especially like to thank a few people specifically.  John DiToro, the creator of the original Seminole Pro Tour, is not only one of the best tour directors, but also a wonderful person.  It was his vision and dedication that got the Seminole Pro Tour to the heights of the industry.  John is a true professional and his work ethic is second to none.  Thank you, John.
The Seminole Tribe had the pleasure to sponsor a couple of players.  Corey Deuel, the Prince of Pool, was a true cornerstone to the betterment of the Tour's operations.  Corey's professionalism and true love of the game helped the Tour grow leaps and bounds.  If not for Corey, the Tour would have never been able to reach the levels that it did.  Thank you, Corey.
The many sponsors and room owners that helped make the Tour possible are another group of people that were essential to the Tour's operations.  Without dedicated room owners and sponsors, the Tour would have never been able to reach the number of fans all over the country and the world.  One room owner who stood by the Tour through thick and thin has been Rocky McElroy.  No matter what the situation, The Tour could always count on Rocky to be there with his support and the support of his pool room, Capone's.  Thank you to all the sponsors, room owners and Rocky.
The Tour could not have grown without all of the great players that have honored the Tour by playing in the tournaments.  The Seminole Pro Tour was unique in that it allowed average players to play alongside of World Champions.  The Tour has seen several great matches and players in each tournament.  If the great players would have never supported the Tour, there would have never been a national Tour.  Thank you to all players who played in the tournaments.
The Tour would like to thank all of the staff and workers who dedicated themselves and sacrificed their time to make sure the Tour ran as smoothly as possible.  Gerry Mayen, Tiffany Marquez, Kevin Pickard, Brenda Mello, Bobby Frank, OB Osceola and Elrod Bowers all had their mark on the operations of the Tour.  Without their hard work in the office and on the road, the Tour would not have been so successful.  Thank you, Seminole Pro Tour staff.
Lastly, the tour would like to thank all of the fans who supported the Tour.  So many great fans came to see the events all over the country and thousands more watched online through our web streams.  The fans are who the Tour was created for and their unconditional support is appreciated.  Thank you, fans.
The Seminole Tribe of Florida has decided to pursue other operations within the Tribe and therefore will not be considering any further pool-related ventures at this time.  The Seminoleprotour.com website will remain running so the final inventory of merchandise can be sold with extremely reduced prices.