Ga-Young Kim Wins Tournament of Champions

Ga-Young Kim (Photo courtesy of David Thomson
The Tournament of Champions, the highly regarded women’s event opened with last year’s finalists, Kelly Fisher, and Allison Fisher–no relation, unlike brother and sister, Albin and Jasmin Ouschan.
This year the roles, and rolls, were reversed as Allison, in the shorter races to 4, recovered after a 2-4 loss in the first set to prevail 4-3 in the second. After the climactic Sudden Death, race to one, Kelly confessed, “I gave it away but Allie maintained and deserved the win.”
Korea’s Ga-Young Kim, always a contender, didn’t let Jasmine breathe as she was smothered 4-0 in the first set in semi’s #2. Jasmine, frustrated as she wasn’t given much opportunity, managed only one game in the second. Graciously, she signed autographs as she sadly exited the arena.
Brother and sister could commiserate on their way back to Europe.
Allison knew that she had to make every opportunity count yet Ga Young Kim was still unwavering in her determination. Gallantly, Allison got to 3-3 before Kim, alas, secured the first set.
Behind 2-3 in the second, Fisher left a well played safety, snookering her opponent.
Out came the jump cue. Masterfully, Kim speared the blinded ball into the pocket. Calmly, she sank the remaining 8 and 9 to run off $16,000 richer.
Although the order of airing has not been determined, scheduled ESPN dates for all of the Billiards International events are December 13, 20, and 27. Mark your calendars, set your smart phones, these shows offer some of the closest, drama-filled footage captured to date.
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