Gareth Potts Renews Sponsorhip Contract With Strachan Cloth

Gareth Potts

Considered as one of the best pool players of his generation, The 4-time World English Eightball Champion and 3-time World Chinese Eightball Champion just renewed its collaboration with Strachan, the World’s leading brand of Snooker, English and Chinese pool cloths.

Born in England in 1983, the one called “The Golden Boy” by his fans and fellow opponents started playing pool at a very early age at his parents’ pub. Standing on a crate at 7 years-old, he was already hitting his first balls and learning how to play English Eightball. It didn’t take long for his talent to be noticed and he quickly managed to get his first sponsorships. He decided to quit school to fully practice and at the age of 17, Gareth won his 1st Junior World Pool Championships.

After winning these Junior World Championships a 2nd time in a row, his professional career was definitely launched. Gareth Potts claimed 3 World Eightball Championships between 2005 and 2008 and became a Legend in English pool. This is when he decided in 2009 to change discipline and to consider playing Chinese pool, also called Heyball.

In 2013, Gareth Potts won his first World Chinese Eightball Masters after beating Chris Melling during the finals. Success continued the following year with a 2nd World Chinese Eightball Masters title, which he won a 3rd time in 2017. In March, Gareth Potts finished 5th at these Masters organized by Joy Billiards who also renewed their sponsorphip contract with Gareth Potts.

Gareth Potts: “Strachan has been a long-time partner in my career. It is recognized today as the leading name in Snooker, English pool and Chinese pool cloth. This is why it’s the official cloth for all the major billiards events worldwide. Strachan cloths have a perfect nap which gives me the speed, precision and confidence I need as a professional player. And for all players, Strachan cloths will help you improve your game and make it much more enjoyable.”

Duncan Kettell (CEO of WSP Textiles Ltd): “Gareth is a very talented player. We have been very proud to support him these last few years and we will continue doing so for the years to come. As the official and exclusive cloth supplier of the Joy World Heyball Masters, it is also great to have this unique partnership with one of their Top players.”

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