Gre Leenders re-elected as EPBF President

Gre Leenders

Wednesday, March 30, 2011: Besides the Dynamic European Championships, the European Pocket Billiard Federation had its General Assembly. Representatives from all 35 member nations were invited to come to Brandenburg and take part in the meeting which is held biannually.

Probably the main news that comes out of the meeting is that President Gre Leenders was re-elected unanimously for another six years as President of the Federation. “I still have big plans and visions for the future”, Leenders states. “I think we have come a long way in the past years. When I see the European Championships and the Euro-Tour, I am sure that we are taking a leading role in the world of pool event organizers.” “I want to concentrate more on press and public relations work in the future” says the man with a mission. The EPBF, together with its marketing branch International Billiard Promotion IBP has gathered a huge amount of equipment, staff and knowledge over the past years. “Alone the growth in material fills our truck that we send from event to event all over Europe” Leenders says with a smile. “The work has grown dramatically, but when I see the results on the tournaments like European Championships and Euro-Tour and the acceptance of players, organizers and sponsors, I know we are on the right way. It costs a lot of energy and money but we must invest in order to bring a brighter future to pool”. Leenders is on a mission and the members have given him their absolute confidence to lead the way for the sport for the next six years.

On another subject, the provisional member federations of Montenegro, North Cyprus and Turkey have been accepted as full members to the EPBF family, making it a total of 38 countries represented in the federation.