Great Southern Billiard Tour Picks Up Tiger Products as Newest Sponsor

The Great Southern Billiard Tour continues to bust at the seams with talent coming from every direction and many are starting to take notice of that fact.  One such onlooker has decided to lend its name to the tour in the form of sponsorship – Tiger Products.

Tiger Products, headed up by Tony Kalamdaryan, President and Co-Founder, continues to ensure that Tiger stays ahead of the game with such innovative products as specialty cues, shafts, laminated cue tips, wraps, and items that simply offer the ability to provide maintenance of your purchases.

In addition to their product line, Tiger continuously elevates the standard in the industry in the way of sponsorship of not only players but regional tours as well including Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour, Tiger Planet Pool, Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour, Tiger Canadian Women's Tour, and the Ladies Spirit Tour to name a few.

Many top names in the billiard industry today use Tiger products including Tony Crosby, Jose Parica, Efren Reyes, Shawn Putnam, Mike Davis, Corey Deuel, Larry Nevel, Kelly Fisher, Gerda Hofstatter, Tiffany Nelson, and the list continues.  One of those individuals, Corey Harper, Tiger Products Sales and Marketing Manager, saw the full potential in the Great Southern Billiard Tour and initiated contact with Tour Director, Shannon Daulton, recently and the rest as they say, is history.

The tour looks forward with great ambition to bring the best experience to its players and with the solid partnerships they create with their sponsors, that vision is becoming a reality!

For more information on the tour itself, contact Shannon Dalton at (865) 850-4572.

If interested in learning more about Tiger Products, visit or contact them directly via Corey Harper (see