Greatest Snooker Player to Compete in World Pool Championships

The 2006 World Pool Championships to be held in Manila from November 4-12 has not only attracted the finest pool players in the world it has drawn the attention of Ronnie O' Sullivan regarded as the greatest snooker player in the world today.

Luke Riches, Media Director of Matchroom Sports informed Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today prior to returning to London after the press conference formally announcing the staging of the championships at the PICC in Manila, that O'Sullivan had turned to play nine-ball since there were fewer snooker tournaments these days and would be a major attraction.

Born in 1975, O'Sullivan is regarded as the most naturally talented player and is known for his secure, determined fast play earning for himself the nickname "The Rocket." The snooker website reports that "often when its his turn at the table and The Rocket gets on fire his opponents can do nothing but sit back and admire his magic."

Another exciting although temperamental player who doesn't waste time at the table and is a multi-titled winner of the World Pool Championships is Earl "The Pearl" Strickland who will be inspired in Manila where he loves to compete after finally getting the recognition he richly deserves by being named the 50th inductee in the Billiard Congress of America "Hall of Fame."

Five time US Open and six time World 9-Ball Champion, Strickland was recognized in a formal ceremony at the BCA Open in Texas. Known for his straight talk, Strickand made an emotional acceptance speech but started off by saying "I finally got your attention."

Matchroom Sport's representative in the Philippine, well known writer and TV host Ted Lerner said he expects the Manila tournament to be the most exciting in the history of pool with a number of fine young Filipino players getting a chance to shine in the hotbed of pool. Lerner mentioned Jeffrey "Bata" De Luna, an exciting 21 year old good-looking lefty as someone who could "catch the imagination of fans" along with the likes of Denis Orcollo, Gandy Valle, Marlon Manalo who was a semi finalist last year and a host of others.