Grecar Halts Abbink’s Three-peat

The J. Pechauer Michigan Women's 9-Ball Tour held its third event over the weekend at Bogarts Billiard Café in Livonia, Michigan. Once known as the 9-Ball and One-Pocket action stop of the Detroit area, Bogarts now regularly holds 3-Cushion Billiard tournaments and provided the women's tour with a great venue for its event.

When it came down to the finals, it was two of the tournament favorites playing for the title, Gail Grecar and Rachael Abbink. Abbink, who won the tour's first two events, made it to the finals defeating India Slaughter 7-4, losing to Grecar 5-7, then beating Andrea Knieper 7-2, Julie Melman 7-4, Rebecca Wagner 7-4, Kelly Pendleton 7-3, CJ Jerome 7-1, and WPBA Pro Vicki Paski 7-4.

Grecar went undefeated through the event defeating Lonnie Fox 7-3, Abbink 7-5, Jerome 7-6, Pendleton 7-4 and Paski for the hot seat 7-3.

The nail-biter finals saw Grecar and Abbink trade games early on. It looked like Grecar was going to snapp of the match quickly when she was up 8-6, but Abbink proved to be a worthy adversary when she fought back to tie it up hill-hill. Abbink pocketed two balls on the break, but the cue ball scratched and it was now Grecar's opportunity to finish the match once and for all. With ball in hand, she ran the first few balls, but then much to the dismay of the crowd, she missed the four-ball. Abbink jumped out of her chair to run the rest of the table, but getting out of line on the nine, she missed it and left her opponent a thin, tough cut. Focused and ready, Grecar pocketed the final ball to steal the title and the $425 first place prize money from Abbink.

Final Results:
1st Gail Grecar $425
2nd Rachael Abbink $245
3rd Vicki Paski $170
4th CJ Jerome $120
5th/6th Kelly Pendleton, Betsy Sundholm $90
7th/8th Rebecca Wagner, Lonnie Fox $60
9th/12th Dana Wilton, Jaki Lovrince, Julie Melman, Paula Albright $35