Haddad wins Colorado Tour Stop 5

Event #5 of the Colorado 9-Ball Tour provided the players with $1980 in total prize money at Paradise Billiards in Wheat Ridge. We also say our first two time champion in Mark Haddad. Although he's won twice, Mark is still ten points behind Jesse "Chuey" Rivera, the point leader at present.

Finishing at 7th - 8th were Melissa Little and Leo Bonilla. Melissa first lost to Jim Calderon, won over Roman Bayda, Devon Storms, Robbie Neimi and Chris McDaniel. She finally lost to Chuey. Leo won against Dave Hubbard, lost to Bill Skinner, won over Jarod Velasquez, but lost to Jaime Lechuga.

Bill Skinner and Jaime Lechuga finished in the 5th - 6th positions. Bill won against Charlie Zeigler, Chuey, and Leo, but lost to Mark, then to Chuey on the left side. Jaime beat Jeromey Fourniok, lost to Andrew, won over Brandon Simmons, Charlie Zeigler, Rick Field and Leo, but lost to Dave Gomez.

Fourth place went to Jesse "Chuey" Rivera. Chuey won with Mathew Bates, lost to Bill, beat Hank Rivera, Jeromey, Melvin Sharp, Melissa and Bill, but lost to Dave. Dave Gomez took third place by winning against Roman, Jim Calderon, Melissa, but losing to Andrew. He then won over Jaime and Chuey, losing to Mark.

Andrew "ATM" Pettenger ended up in second place. He was the winner of the winners' bracket by way of victories over Jaime, Chris McDaniel, Dave and Mark. Mark had won against Jim Caldwell, Devon, Rick Field and Bill before losing to Andrew. He proceeded to beat Dave before taking revenge on Andrew. Mark beat ATM in both of the final two matches to be #1.

1st - Mark Haddad $600
2nd - Andrew Pettenger $450
3rd - Dave Gomez $300
4th - Jesse Rivera $200
5th/6th - Bill Skinner, Jaime Lechuga $135
7th/8th - Melissa Little, Leo Bonilla $80

Photo courtesy of Melissa Little