Mark Haddad wins Colorado Tour Stop 4

Bill Skinner (2nd place) Joe Tsirlin (bar owner) and Mark Haddad (1st place)

The fourth event for the Colorado 9 Ball Tour was held at Rack'Em Billiards & Sports Bar, 1919 S. Havana, Aurora, CO. Forty-two players paid the standard $35 entry fee for a shot at the $1000 guaranteed added and $100.00 added for Top Woman, for total prize money of $2570 for this event. This was the smoothest event yet, with Joe Tsirlin buying two more tables to reach the recommended eight tables. One half of the field was made up of first time players in the CO 9 Ball Tour and one half were regulars. One of the new entries was a road player from Tennessee, JP Pinenger. Six women also signed up this time.

Mark Haddad played JP for the winner of the winners side with Mark winning (9 -7). Bill Skinner, who had lost to JP on the winners side (9-1), beat JP (9-7) for the winner of the losers' side. Bill then beat Mark (9-6) in the first round, but lost (9-0) in the next to take second place, surrendering the first place finish to Mark. Bill had defeated Mitch Myers, Devon Storms, Scott Tollefson and Mark Haddad, once. Mark had gotten to the finals by beating Reese Hillin, Peter Mercaldi, Rick Field, Bonnie Plowman, Dan Richardson and JP Pinenger. JP ended up in third by beating Samantha Diep, Chisolm Woodson, Roy Treggari, Steve Knight and Bill Skinner, lost to Mark and Bill.

Chris McDaniel took fourth this time, defeating Jim Calderon, losing to Chuey, winning against Melissa Little, Greg Romero, Steve, Scott and Dan. He lost to Bill in his last match. Fifth and six places went to Chuey Rivera and Dan Richardson. Dan won against Carol Radebaugh, Manuel Barros and Chuey, then lost to Mark and Chris. Chuey reached that point by beating Jonathan Lopez (a young kid you should keep your eye on in the future),, losing to Dan, winning with Jaime Lechuga and losing against Melvin Sharp. Updated race for the points rankings next month. Event #5 is at Paradise Billiards, September 16 - 18, 2005.

Joe Tsirlin, the new owner of Rack'Em, put in an additional $100.00 for the top finishing woman in this event. Bonnie Plowman, one half of the Masters Scotch Doubles team at the BCA this year, won Top Woman Shooter and the $100.00. She got there by defeating Melissa Little, Tommy Vines, ATM, and losing to Mark and Melvin.

1st - $800.00 - Mark Haddad
2nd - $560.00 - Bill Skinner
3rd - $350.00 - James Pinenger
4th - $250.00 - Chris McDaniel
5th - 6th - $125.00 - Melvin Sharp
- Dan Richardson
7th - 8th - $60.00 - Chuey Rivera
- Scott Tollefson
9th - 12th - $35.00 - Bonnie Plowman
- Steve Knight
- Jaime Lechuga
- Andrew Pettenger
Top Woman - $100.00 - Bonnie Plowman