Hall Adds Another Win on Fury Tour

Sixty-eight players filled Stroker's Billiards in Palm Harbor for the Fury Amateur 9-ball Tour's latest stop on August 14th.

Running through the winner's bracket was 17-year-old Justin Hall. Hall has been making an impression on the tour since he showed up with his sharp style and quick run outs. Hall started off the tournament with two 7-0 shutouts, followed by a 7-5 win over top tour player, Julio Aquino. After a narrow 7-6 escape over Stroker's room owner Jose DelRio, Hall went on to shutout Jason Richko 7-0. With a 7-2 win over Robby Bradshaw, Hall was in the hot seat match.

Also rising to the hot seat match was Jon Phelps. After five winner's side victories tallying up to a 35-23 win loss record, Phelps met with Hall for the hot seat. It looked like Hall might have his hands full when Phelps ran the first rack and cleaned up the second for a 2-0 lead. Phelps was on his way to putting together another win when he missed the 6-ball. A shot at the 6 and an out was all Hall needed to get back in stroke and he quickly ran to a 5-2 lead. Phelps had a shot in the next rack but missed a tough 9 and Hall ran ahead to a 7-2 win sending Phelps to the B side.

Waiting for Phelps in the semis was Robby Bradshaw who had made way though the winner's side including an upset over tour leader Nomar Paula before falling to Hall. In the semifinals Bradshaw outshot Phelps and went on to meet Hall for a rematch.

In the finals, both Bradshaw and Hall were shooting aggressively and keeping the spectator's on their toes. Tied at 5-all, Hall took control and captured the final four games for a 9-5 win and his second Fury title.

1st Justin Hall $620
2nd Robby Bradshaw $380
3rd Jon Phelps $260
4th Bob Gonnelly $200
5th/6th Dan Whitten, Ray Pollanz $100
7th/8th Jose Ybarra, Adam Wheeler $80
9th-12th Dan Leonard, Stephanie Mitchell, Jason Richko, Scott Howard $60
13th-16th Tim Witherspoon, Brian Davalos, James Roberts, Monte Gibson $40