It’s Noon on Central FL Fury Tour

Sixty-three players met at Strokers Billiards on February 27, 2005 to determine the winner of the third Fury Central Florida event. It looked like it would be Jason Richko when he defeated Nomar Paula to get into the hot seat match, or maybe Justin Hall who sent Tim Daniel to the B side. When Richko and Hall matched up for the hot seat match, it was a back and forth double-hill fight for the throne, until Richko took the spot in the finals, sending Hall left.

Upon his arrival to the B side, Hall met Robert Noon who had been busy sending players home for the last few hours. Noon had lost his fourth match of the day, but still had his eye on the finals. Noon continued his winning quest and put Justin Hall out of the tournament, leaving him in 3rd place.

This set up the finals between Noon and Richko which swiftly went to Noon. Other notable play came from Strokers room owner Jose DelRio who took 5th/6th, and Baron's Billiards room owner Tim Baron who took 7th/8th.

1st Robert Noon $570
2nd Jason Richko $330
3rd Justin Hall $210
4th Tim Daniel $150
5th/6th Jose DelRio, Nomar Paula $100
7th/8th Tim Baron, Glen Lynch $80
9th-12th John Stucky, Steven Tumolo, Mark Wathen, Travis Moore $60
13th-16th Neil LaLong, Jeff Miller, Bill Dunsmore, Dan Whitten $40