Second Win for Robert Noon on FL Fury

Fifty-five players battled for the winning spot on the Central FL Fury tour held at Wally's Billiards in Lakeland on May 1, 2005.

As the field narrowed down, it was 3rd-ranked Tim Daniel and 4th-ranked Robert Noon meeting for the hot seat match up. With only 11 points separating these two players in the points race, this match was key. It was anybody's game and things teetered at hill-hill but it was Noon that cinched the final 9-ball to win the match 7-6, assuring himself a spot in the finals.

On the B-side, James Hevener was waiting in the semifinals for Daniel. Hevener had lost his 4th round winner's side match but went on to post four match wins, including two shutouts, on the B side to get into the semis. In the semifinals Hevener and Daniel went hill-hill and Hevener prevailed, leaving Daniel in 3rd place.

It was another hill-hill thrill for the late-night final match up between Hevener and Noon. Each player went game for game until at 8-8, Noon took the final shot to notch his 2nd Central FL Fury win.

1st Robert Noon
2nd James Hevener
3rd Tim Daniel
4th Bill Bloom
5th/6th Justin Hall, Jose DelRio
7th/8th Jeremy Bell, Mike Carom
9th-12th Nomar Paula, Dean Hudson, Julio Aquino, Butch Craft