Robert Noon wins Fury Fast Break Stop

Louis Altes (l) and Robert Noon (r)

Robert Noon competed against a field of 45 players at the $500 added Fury Amateur 9-Ball event held on October 17, 2004 at Fast Break Billiards in Longwood, Fl. Noon was the only player that went undefeated on the winners side for a first place win.

Noon worked his way as quickly as he could through the winners bracket with many competitive players to fight through. While Noon was working his way on one side of the bracket Louis Altes was having to battle his way through the one-loss side after his loss to 17 year old Wayne Hutter. Altes won nine straight matches to make his way to the finals against Noon.

The day was interesting as two players, Tamara Rademakees and Rene Peeceres, came out for the event while on vacation in Florida from Holland . They both had good skills on the table and in their third match of the day the boyfriend and girlfriend met up with each other. Rademakees who finished in 5th place, won against Peeceres with a 7-4 score. Luckly for Peeceres the balls rolled in a favorable way left a spot in 7th/8th place.

Richard Murray and Noon met in the hot seat match. Noon and Murray both had played hard through their matches. Murray had had several hill hill matches through out the day and his fatigue caught up with him as Noon won against him 7-2.

Murray made his way to the semifinals to play against Altes, who had been playing hard through the losers bracket battling his way through the field. Altes hard work had produced eight straight wins and when Murray and Altes played they traded games back and forth until it reached the hill. Altes added his ninth win to his line up with a finishing score of 5-4.

With both Noon and Altes on long winning streaks it looked like either one would be able to take on the final race to 9. Altes pulled ahead with 5-3 even though his first three breaks put the 1 ball in the side and scratched. Noon was determined to catch up. The games traded back and forth till Noon brought the score 5-5 and then he pulled ahead winning the final 6 matches to take the tournament 9-6.

1st place- Robert Noon $540
2nd place- Louis Altes $350
3rd place- Richard Murray $210
4th place- Bobby Moore $110
5th/6th place- Tamara Rademakees, Justin Everts $55
7th/8th place- Julio Delpozo, Rene Peecers, $40