Harriman wins Derby 14.1

Danny Harriman (Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe)

The final event of the 2009 Derby City Classic was Bob Jewett's 14.1 event. Jewett funds this event every year and it has quickly turned into a favorite event for the players as well as the fans.

The finals this year came down to last year's winner, Darren Appleton, facing off against 14.1 veteran Danny Harriman.

Appleton is not known for his straight pool game, and he surprised many fans with his win in the event last year. His place in the finals again this year will certainly convince the fans that he can play this game at the top level.

Unfortunately for Appleton, he didn't really have a chance to get anything started early in this match and Harriman punished him for every mistake.

Appleton could only manage a run of 4 to start the match and he trailed 43-4 when a miss from Harriman allowed him back to the table. Eight balls later, Appleton was taking his seat again and this time Harriman ran 48 balls before scratching on a tough cut. Appleton now trailed 91-12, but could only make 2 balls before jawing a ball in the same corner pocket that had got him earlier in the match.

With Harriman leading 91-14, he knew he would still have to navigate one more break shot as there were only eight balls left on the table. Harriman ran seven of the balls for a 98-14 score, but missed the break shot and Appleton still had a chance as he got back to the table.

Appleton made the effort that you would expect from a champion, but he missed a break shot at 98-41 and left Harriman a testy shot to get his two ball run started. Harriman studied the shot for a while and could have easily ducked and push the pressure on Appleton to do something. Harriman was not going to do that though. He sized up a jacked up cut on the first ball of the run and drained it with no problem. The next ball was his last ball as Harriman won the match 100-41.