Harriman scores Day One Win at Action All Around 2

Danny Harriman had three runs of 100 or more

Day 1 of the TheActionReport Action All Around 2 presented by OB Cues is in the books and it was a historic night. The night started with Danny Harriman losing the lag and having to break in the race to 400 points. He let the cue ball get away from him and it scratched in the bottom right corner. John Schmidt came to the table and uncorked a run of 112 to start the evening. He got tied up in the stack and played safe. Danny came to the table and played safe back only to leave John a long shot on a ball in the corner. John made the ball and the next time Danny came to the table he was in the hole 164 to -1.

Danny showed amazing heart and put on an amazing exhibition of skill by firing a 130 ball run back at John, his high run of the night and of the match. Danny would go on to have two more 100 ball runs in the match. One of 122 balls and one of 101 balls, a truly amazing performance. Danny went on to win the match by a final score of 400 to 255. From a 164 to -1 beginning to a 145 point margin of victory. It was truly one for the books.

John Schmidt is in a pressure packed spot going into tonights One Pocket Race to 10. The format dictates that each of the first two sets is for $3300 per man with the final set being worth $3400 per man. There is a stipulation that if they split the first two days then the final set will be played for the entire $20,000.If he can win the One Pocket Race to 10 set tonight then tomorrow they will play a 10 Ball Race to 30 for the entire $20,000 prize fund. If John loses tonight then the best he can do is mitigate his losses on Sunday, he can not win any money. It will be a very exciting One Pocket set tonight beginning at 6 PM Central on www.theactionreport.com . Tonights match along with the 10 Ball set on Sunday are available to watch LIVE on streaming Pay Per View for $20. Visit www.theactionreport for more information.

A free Pre Match show will begin at 4 PM Central on www.theactionreport.com. It will feature player interviews and opinions and predictions from the match commentators Ken Schuman and Fred Agnir.

TheActionReport would like to thank our sponsors for this event. Without their support this amazing display of straight pool would have never taken place. OB Cues, BCA Pool Leagues and Diamond Billiard Products are three of the biggest supporters and promoters of the game and we at TheActionReport are very proud to be associated with them. We also are very greatful to James Doran, owner of Side Pockets in Kansas City for his support and the use of his fine room. Thank you.