Schmidt wins Action All Around II

John Schmidt

After an amazing weekend of pool played at its highest level between two Champion players, one of them has emerged victorious in this all around test of skill. John Schmidt took down the $20,000 prize fund on Sunday night with a convincing victory of 30 to 18 over Danny Harriman in the 10 Ball portion of the Action All Around II.

John controlled the final 10 Ball race to 30 from beginning to end, leading by as many as 10 games at several points in the match. In the end John showed great heart and determination to defeat Danny Harriman and claim the Action All Around Champion title. Below are the scores from all 3 days of action.

Day 1 Straight Pool Race to 400
Harriman 400
Schmidt 255

Day 2 One Pocket Race to 10

Harriman 9
Schmidt 10

Day 3 10 Ball Race to 30

Harriman 18
Schmidt 30

TheActionReport would like to thank both of these great champions for being a part of what we are trying to do in the pool world. Both were a pleasure to work with and we hope to do many more events with them in the future.

We also want to thank our sponsors for the event, without them we would not have seen some unforgetable action this weekend. Ob Cues, the maker of OB-1 shafts and a just released line of cues have been great to us TheActionReport and we are proud to work with them. Our cornerstone sponsors who have been on board since the beginning are BCA Pool Leagues and Diamond Billiard Products. These two companies do more to promote and encourage high level pool in America than anyone else in our opinion and we are thankful to them for their support of all of our events.

Both players had some great people and companies behind them as well. Danny Harriman was sponsored by the host of the Action All Around II, Side Pockets in Kansas City, MO. and the owner of Side Pockets James Doran. John Schmidt was sponsored by OB Cues, Diamonds Billiards and Garys Victor Billiards of Victorville, California. We also want to thank all of the staff at Side Pockets for going out of their way to make our event a success, they are a great crew and made our time Kansas City a great time.

Two of the most important members of the TAR crew were our commentators Ken Schuman and Fred Agnir. These two guys came in on their own dime to help us out and they did a fantastic job. Both guys spent 6 to 8 hours a day in the booth providing insightful and knowledgeable commentary. TAR is very happy to have these two gentleman involved in this event.

We especially want to thank all of the people who tuned into watch this great match and have supported TAR from the beginning up through the exciting things we have coming in the near future. Without all you we would not be able to put on these amazing and sometimes historic events. You allow us to do what we love and we thank you for it.

There are some very exciting things coming up in the next 10 days. Darren Appleton and Scott Frost face off in the OB Cues TARPIT at the BCAPL 8 Ball Nationals in Las Vegas on May 8-10 in The Diamond Bar Table Challenge. The day after that match concludes current U.S. Open Champion Shane Van Boening will take on former U.S. Open and World 9 Ball Champion Alex Pagulayan in the Action Report Action Challenge III.

Both of these matches and much more will be available on LIVE form the 2008 BCAPL 8 Ball National Championships. For more info please visit .