He Through to Last 16, Ederer Stumbles

Mario He

Defending Champion is sent to loser's bracket by teammate

Saturday, 30 July 2011: Mario He (AUT) overcame Konrad Piekarski (POL) with a score of 100:50. As in his first match, He seemed to be more concentrated and focussed than his opponent. He did make some mistakes but his opponent Piekarski always let him off the hook. Though the match was not as high class as He normally performs, the Austrian's effort was definitely enough to beat Piekarski with a clear result of 100:50.

Defending Champion Ederer (GER) was not so lucky. He played against his teammate Julian Kortüm and lost 65:100. “Julian is a steady factor in German junior pool since a few years”, stated his coach Udo Weyland after the match. “He normally ends 3rd to 4th in national Championships in Germany. However, I have seen him play here at an absolute top level.” Julian did not show too much respect for Ederer who was the clear favourite to win this match. Kortüm played solid straight pool. Pocketing ball after ball in order to almost win the match, at 95:63 Kortüm missed a ball giving one last chance to Ederer. Manuel is known to sometimes turn matches no matter how high he is trailing behind. But not this time. Ederer pocketed three balls and then ran out of position. He desperately tried to thin cut a ball into the corner pocket but the cue ball jumped off the table. The remaining four balls were no big challenge for Kortüm to win this match with 100:65.

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