Heather Pulls It Out In Austin!

Heather Pulford, Melinda Bailey

Heather Pulford showed her stuff to win the first event of the new year in the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour Ladies Division. Nineteen ladies graced the Fast Eddie's in North Austin to compete within a very talented field.

Anne Mayes, cuemaker sumpreme of Annie "O" Custom Cues of Houston, donated a beautiful cue to be raffled with all proceeds to go to the add-on for the ladies. A big THANKS, ANNE! These ladies came to play as top picks were Heather Pulford, Amanda Lampert, Deanna Henson, Rachel Hurst, Kim Pierce, Melinda Bailey, Jennifer Kraber and Audra Carter.

Great shooting from Audra Carter, winner of last year's event at the September N. W. Military stop in San Antonio, and Nicole Menitz of Austin with their 5-6th place finishes. Michelle Cortez took the long road to her fourth place finish after losing her first match to Amanda Lampert, 7-6. On the one loss side, she had wins over Ashlea Doty, Deanna Henson, Rachel Hurst, Nicole Menitz only to be sent to the spectator gallery by Melinda Bailey, 5-4. Great finish, Michelle!

Amanda Lampert of San Antonio took the short road to the finals of the winner's bracket with victories over Celeste Torres, 7-2, Michelle Cortez, 7-6, Audra Carter, 7-4, Nicole Menitz, 7-5, only to run into Heather and be defeated, 7-4. In the finals of the brutal bracket, Amanda hung the nine off a combination in a hill-hill match with Melinda Bailey to end her run with a very nice third place finish.

Melinda Bailey of Dallas took a scenic tour on her way to the finals. She vanquished Ashley Doty, 7-2, Elvie Kompan, wife of cuemaker Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, 7-2, Shayla Neris, 7-2, only to be sent to left side by Heather Pulford, 7-1. From there, she had a series of nail biters with wins over Audra Carter, 5-4, Michelle Cortez, 5-4 and Amanda Lampert 5-4.

Heather Pulford of Austin made her run to the hot seat with victories over Sharon Townsend, 7-2, Deanna Henson, 7-4, Melinda Bailey, 7-1, and Amanda Lampert, 7-4.

This set up a rematch showdown between Melinda and Heather in the finals. A very exciting match ensued with Heather coming out victorious, 7-5.

Thank you ladies for supporting the Tour, and we hope to see you next month in the Alamo City!

Complete Payouts:
1st Heather Pulford $540
2nd Melinda Bailey $330
3rd Amanda Lampert $185
4th Michelle Cortez $80
5th/6th Audra Carter, Nicole Menitz $30