Heaton Repeats!

The Gateway Amateur 9-Ball Tour held it's 2nd Tour Stop on November 11th at Chesterfield Billiards in Chesterfield, Missouri. Players were rapidly filling the registration form and came to an end with 78 players signed up. There were many players returning from the 1st Tour Stop and numerous new Tour Members. There are a total of 109 players on the Tour after just two Tour Stops.

Defending his title, Cary Heaton skillfully worked his way back to the championship match once again. After playing some great matches, getting some rolls from the "pool gods" and some bad luck for his competitors, Cary was able to retain his status as the Gateway Amateur 9-Ball Tour Champion for stop #2.

There were several junior players participating in this event ranging from 14 years old to 17 years old. Each of the juniors played superb pool, but one stood out in the crowd. Jerry Kennedy, 17, from Alton Illinois was able to work his way thru the brackets and finish in 3rd place and receive the Top Junior award of $50. "I watched Jerry run two racks down to the 8 ball and scratch, giving his opponent ball in hand on the 9 ball. If Jerry wouldn't have scratched on those two games, he would have advanced to the championship and I have no doubt that he would have came out on top. This kid's got talent!" Tour Director Michael Zimmerman commented.

There seems to be a trend going on with the Female players on the Tour. The Top Female award of $50 was once again split between the females. Chantel Davis, Brenda Whitaker and Kristina Clover all finished in the tournament in the same round, thanks to Chantel Davis' forfeit. Chantel works at Side Pockets in St. Charles Missouri and had to work that evening. Not knowing that if she wins her next match, she will automatically receive the Top Female award no matter the outcome of her following match. Chantel pretty much threw her match to her opponent so she could get to work on time. Pay attention to the brackets Chantel! Maybe next time!

Many players commented on how well the tournament went, even with only ten tables and 78 players. "It's going to be a long night boys" Tournament Director Danny Deiters said when the registration form had 62 players already signed up. "We had 78 players, 10 tables and were still finished before midnight, that's pretty good I think. Next month at Riverbend, we have 16 tables, so things should go just as quick, even if we have 100 players." Danny commented while cleaning up after the tournament.

"I'm really happy with the way the Tour is going, how thankful the players and room owners are that this Tour exists. Like I said before, it can only get better", Michael Zimmerman, owner of Zim's Rack Billiard Promotions!

Next stop, December 10th at Riverbend Billiards in Alton, Illinois!

Results: (including Calcutta)
1st Cary Heaton; Litchfield, IL $930 + plaque
2nd- Bill Harwell, $550
3rd- Jerry Kennedy, $330
4th- Butch LeGore, $210
5th/6th- John Moore & Jesse Sherrell, $100each
7th/8th- Andrew Edwards & Jim Tow, $60each
9th-12th- Doug Campbell, Jason Hodge, John Bissell, Andy Hauschild, $ 40each
13th-16th- Jacob White, Mike Noble, Dan Fetzner, Russ Chud, $20each
Top Junior- Jerry Kennedy, $50
Top Female- Chantel Davis, Brenda Whittaker, Kristina Clover, $20each

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