Herndon makes WPBA top 16 debut

Melissa Herndon

Another WPBA event is in the books, and that means more players moving around on the WPBA points list.

'The Dragon Lady' Melissa Herndon rode her 5th place finish in San Diego straight into the top 16 as she moved up from 19th place for her top 16 debut. With two 33rd place finished falling off the points list next, Herndon looks to be in good shape to continue her climb up the rankings.

The big mover from the last event, Kim Shaw, continued her climb with a 5th place finish and moved up four places to break into the top ten at 10th place.

In our last article about the points list, we mentioned that Helena Thornfeldt had two third place finishes falling off the points list and she would be hard pressed to maintain her third place tie with 'The Black Widow' Jeanette Lee. No one could have predicted Lee's 25th place finish in San Diego. or Thornfeldt's 115 point current lead for third place.

Other movers on the list were...
Vivian Villarreal up 1 to #5
Gerda Hofstatter down 1 to #6
Jennifer Chen down 3 to #13
Laura Smith up 1 to #14
Belinda Campos down 2 to #15
Melissa Little up 4 to #18

Photo courtesy of Anne Craig