Kim Shaw makes WPBA top 16 debut

Kim Shaw

With the first WPBA event of the 2003 season in the books, Allison Fisher was not the only player moving around on the WPBA points list. When the dust settled on the matches, the majority of the top 16 players did some moving on the list.

The biggest mover was Kim Shaw who took advantage of her fourth place finish to climb five spots and make her top 16 debut at #14. Another player making her way into the top #16 was Dawn Hopkins who moved from #17 to a tie for #16 with Ming Ng. Falling from the ranks of the top 16 was Line Kjorsvik who fell to #18 on the list.

Jeanette Lee had dropped to #4 on the list after the Nationals last year, but her second place finish at the Delta Classic moved her into a tie for third with Helena Thornfeldt. Helena has two third place finishes falling off the list next, so she will have her work cut our for her if she wants to stay in the fight for third.

Here are the rest of the movers on the list...
Julie Kelly - Up 1 to #9
Jennifer Chen - Up 3 to #10
Loree Jon Jones - Down 3 to #11
Sarah Ellerby - Up 2 to #12
Belinda Campos - Down 2 to #13
Laura Smith - Down 3 to #15