Hi, Ho, Sylver, Away!!

Sylver Ochoa And James Davis Sr

The time was 10:32 PM, Sunday evening, December 5th, when Sylver Ochoa speared the final 9 ball into the corner pocket to bring closure to Fast Eddie's 9-Ball Tour 2004. It seems a bit ironic that 2004 ended the same way it had started, with Sylver winning. Someone once said, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. It was only 12 months ago at the same setting, when Denis Strickland, again watching Sylver, stated, “Man, this kid really is the complete package”!

Fast Eddies Embassy Oaks location in San Antonio hosted Fast Eddie's 9-Ball tour's 2004 Season Finale December 5-6th, and did so in very fine fashion. Summer Bowen (GM) and her crew always hustle, smile, and have a lot of fun. Who could ask for more?

The open-division as always, was very competitive as the top picks were, Sylver Ochoa, James Davis Sr., David Henson, Shane Harvey, Robert Newkirk, John Weeks, James Davis Jr., and Scott Kephart.

Finishing in the 7-8th position and as always playing very well were James Davis Jr. of Bastrop Tx, and Russell Killgo of the Dallas area. Both these fine young men bring excitement to any event as they always play with a lot of intensity. Nice job!

Robert Newkirk of Fort Worth and Scott Kephart of San Antonio filled the 5-6th positions. Both Robert and Scott played very well and few realize that neither has been playing much lately. It is difficult not to respect their choices, but they both always have their talent to rely on.

Playing very well and representing San Antonio proudly was Eduardo Ramirez. His journey started with wins over Charlie Mora 9-5, Scott Kephart 9-3. Then, he ran into a very determined James Davis Jr., and was sent easterly by a score of 9-8. This forced a rematch with Scott and Ed continued on with a 7-4 win. David Henson ended Ed's day by a score of 7-3 and forcing him to settle for a fourth place finish. He played quite well.

Finishing 3rd, and always one of the crowd favorites was David “Little David” Henson of Austin. He began his journey with wins over Shane Harvey 9-3, Tito “The Giant Killer” Fernandez, 9-8, and Russell Killgo, 9-6, before running into young Sylver Ochoa and sent to other side by a score of 9-4. Once on the left, David sent Eduardo home 7-3, and this set the stage for his match with James Davis Sr. Both being from the Austin area, they have battled many times before over the years. Today, though, belonged to the ever-consistent James Davis Sr. by a score of 7-6. Still, third place ain't bad for a “Player” who made the decision to make a difference in some other very special lives. Nice Job!

James Davis Sr. is another crowd favorite and one you can never afford to ignore under any circumstances. His weekend began with wins over Mike Crozier, 9-5, Mike Adair, 9-3,Steve Smith, 9-6, Eduardo Ramirez 9-3, but was sent to the other side by Sylver, in a real nail-biter, 9-8. James then sent David back to Austin and headed to the finals and a rematch with Sylver.

Meanwhile, Sylver Ochoa of McAllen, having captured the “hotseat” waited patiently and to get there, he handled, Eric Molina, 9-3, John Weeks, 9-6, Chase Rudder, 9-2, Little David, 9-4, and James Davis Sr., 9-8.

James was not in any way, ready to concede and go home. The finals are a double race to 9 and James, looking very determined, won the first set handily, 9-7, which set the stage for the second set.

Sylver though, was in no way going to concede and head south either, and the battle was set.

Sylver jumped out to an early 5-2 lead when James broke and ran, bringing the score to 5-3. He, then, won the next game bringing the score to 5-4. Next rack, Sylver was running out but then a miss-fire on the four ball, sending it to the other end of the table. It looked as though James was going to have a routine out when the four died coming off the end rail and James behind the 5-ball. James fouled and left Sylver the routine out and it was history from there. Sylver won the final set, 9-5.

Both these men are fine players and though you may have reasons to cheer for one of them, it is very difficult to root against either one of them. Congratulations to both.

Olhausen Billiards showed why they are “The Best in Billiards” by donating a beautiful Eclipse pool table for the Finale. The table was given by drawing to any who qualified and entered the Finale. To qualify for the Finale, one had to have participated in at least four events throughout the year. The table drawing was held preceding the finals and the lucky person was Saul Molina.

When contacted, Saul was very grateful and a very excited man. He and his son, Eric, participated in eight events this year and we appreciate their support and share in their joy.

As Saul said, “ This will make a great Christmas present, please tell Olhausen, thank you very much.” We thank Olhausen Billiards very much. You are most generous.

A big thanks to Big Lew and the entire Fast Eddie's family for all your help for the last two years. Also, thanks to all the sponsors, vendors, players and spectators for all your support!

See y'all in Houston on January 8-9 at the new Champions location for the first event of the 2005 season. We have a lot of new things in store for 2005 for the Tour, so stay tuned to azbilliards.com for all the updates.

1st Sylver Ochoa $3100
2nd James Davis Sr. $2220
3rd David Henson $1500
4th Eduardo Ramirez $850
5th/6th Robert Newkirk, Scott Kephart $380
7th/8th Russell Killgo, James Davis Jr. $125