Hill-hill heartbreak for Tucker at Turning Stone

Thorsten Hohmann

The first round of Saturday's winners side matches are complete at the Turning Stone Classic VI and the winners side is now down to just eight players.

The final two matches of the round both drew a crowd as Joe Tucker and Thorsten Hohmann went to 8-8 at the same time Ralf Souquet and Danny Basavich went to 8-8. Tucker was breaking in the case game and as the rack opened up, the 9-ball rushed straight into the corner pocket accompanied by a roar from the crowd. As the balls stop rolling, they all noticed one ball still moving. The cue-ball slowly made it's way back to the down the table and found the bottom of the corner pocket. Tucker was left with nothing to do but watch Hohmann methodically run out the rack for a 9-8 win. Moments later, it was Danny Basavich pocketing the final 9-ball for a 9-8 win over Souquet.

Earlier in the round, dominating wins were scored by Keith McCready, Mika Immonen, Dennis Hatch, Sparky Ferrell and Danny Hewitt to remain amongst the undefeated.

Marquee matches underway now include Jennifer Barretta vs Karen Corr and Mike Davis is Joe Korsiak.

Online brackets are updated with results so far today and we have one photo gallery online with more coming later today.