Hill-Hill Win For Orcollo at Reno Open

Dennis Orcollo

Dennis Orcollo proved he can play more than just 8-ball this week with a run through the field of 159 players at the Reno Open.

Orcollo, who also earned wins earlier this year at the US Bar Table 8-Ball Championship and the Hard Times IPT Qualifier, looked unstoppable all week as he scored notable wins over Corey Deuel, Tim Hall and Rich Geiler. Orcollo took the hot-seat on Sunday with a dominating 9-1 win over former Reno Open champion Kim Davenport.

Davenport went to the one loss side where he had to face Texan Jui-Lung Chen. Chen doesn't get out to play in many major events, but he made the most of this one with wins over Victor Ignacio, Chris Bartram, Bobby Hunter, Gandy Valle, Warren Kiamco and Gabe Owen to his credit. The third place finish would have to be enough for Chen though, as Davenport earned a hard fought 9-7 win to set up a rematch with Orcollo in the finals.

Orcollo looked on his way to another dominating win in the finals as he sprinted out to an early 5-1 lead. Davenport then showed that he can still make a ball or two and won six straight games to take the lead 7-5 and then took the match 9-7 to force a second set in the true double elimination finals.

In the second set of the finals, Orcollo got to the hill first at 8-7 but scratched on the break and watched Davenport tie the match at hill-hill with a flawless table run. Davenport broke the final game and made a ball, but had no position on the one ball. Davenport pushed out to a long straight shot on the one and Orcollo took advantage with a slow rolling shot on the one ball followed by a dicey table run to earn the 9-8 victory.

You can view all of the match results with our online brackets and we will have complete results from this event later in the week.

File photo courtesy of Ashi Fachler - Billiardphotos.com