Hjorleifson Rings in 2007 Same as He Rang out 2006 in Canadian 30K Tour

Erik Hjorleifson

The Canadian 30K Tour started 2007 with a bang as 58 players gathered at Bigwigs Billiards January 6-7. The first winner for 2007 is the same person who was the closing out winner for 2006, “Big Red” Erik Hjorleifson. Erik has won the last two tournaments, the one recently held at Pool Paradise December 30-31 and this event.

On hand to assist with the event were, Rob Blair, Ken Botham and Jim Martin. Their support is appreciated

Day two the top eight players were brought back to duke it out for the win. The ‘A' side match's top bracket saw Norm Glover 7 vs. Scott McDonald 8 (match is 7-8) where Norm prevailed 7-3, The ‘A' side lower bracket featured Robert Capistrand 6+ vs. Mile Loponen 5+ (match is 6-5) where Robert bested Mike 6-4.

On the one loss side Adrian Fragoso 6 played against Paul Edgar 7 (match is 6-7) and it was 6-2 for Adrian Fragoso. Paul settled for 7/8^th . The other match had Erik Hjorleifson 9+ vs. Tol Kuy 7+ where Erik bested Tol 9-2. Tol jointed Paul and also went home in 7/8^th place.

Playing for 5/6 was Scott McDonald 8 vs. Adrian Fragoso 6 (match is 8-6). The match went hill-hill, however Scott prevailed to continue in the tournament while Adrian settled for 5/6th

Also continuing play in this bracket was Erik Hjorleifson 9+ vs. Mike Loponen 5+ (match is 9-5) where Erik sent Mike packing and heading home in 5/6th place.

It's Erik Hjorleifson 9+ vs. Scott McDonald 8 (match is 10-8). Erik continues his streak and now heads to play the loser from the hot seat match, Robert Capistrand. The “Hot Seat” match was between Norm Glover 7 vs. Robert Capistrand 6+ (match is 8-7) where Glover wins the coveted hot seat and takes a rest while he awaits the finals.

In the Semis Erik handedly beat Robert 10-3 and takes the Express Highway to the finals. In the true double elimination format, Glove must win only one set to ten to Erik's two sets to ten. This day, Glover found himself out matched by Erik, as he expertly takes the win in two sets both 10-3.