Naomi Williams beats Hjorleifson for Canadian 30K Win

Erik Hjorleifson and Naomi Williams

Naomi Williams and Erik Hjorleifson steam rolled over the 41 player field at Bigwigs in Newmarket to take 1st and 2nd place at the 37th stop of the Canadian 30K Tour.

On Sunday 8 players returned to cash out.

Last 4 players on the A side were: On the top bracket of the A-side, Erik Hjorleifson (9+) defeated Tony Butera (5) by a 10-2 score. Bottom bracket had Naomi Williams (6) vs. Dean McNaughton (6) and Naomi won by a 6-3 score. It was Top Male Player vs. Top Female Player in the “Hot Seat” match, but Erik proved to be too strong as he defeated Naomi 10-2, sending Naomi to grind the one loss side.

On the west side of the chart, Mike Patrowicz (7) vs. Rob Brandenburg (8+) (match is 9-7) and Patrowicz prevailed by a 7-7 score. Dave McMahon (6+) vs. Ken Botham (7) and Dave won by a 7-5 score. Rob Brandenburg and Ken Botham finished 7th/8th.

Mike Patrowicz (7) vs. Tony Butera (5) and Mike bested Tony by the score of 7-2. Tony settled for 5/6th. Dave McMahon (6+) lost to Dean McNaughton (6+) by the score of 6-4. Dave McMahon finished 5/6th

Mike Patrowicz (7) vs. Dean McNaughton (6) and Dean scored a win by a 6-5 score. Patrowicz settled for 4th.

The west side final pitted Naomi Williams (6) against Dean McNaughton (6) with Naomi coming out triumphant with a 6-4 win. Dean McNaughton finished 3rd.

Finals race between Erik Hjorleifson and Naomi Williams was 10-6 and Naomi took the first set to a double hill where she was triumphant. She then came back for the second set and went one better with a second win by the score of 6-8 with play worthy of a champion.

Congratulations to Naomi Williams, a true winner.