Mike Roberts wins Landmark Canadian 20K Stop

Erik Hjorleifson and Mike Roberts

Tony Coelho was our host for the Canadian 20 K Tour this weekend at Landmark Billiards in Mississauga, Ontario. 39 players converged there for this stop and it was a one day event (late one day).

We had some new faces for this first round of seven where entries count as double with points as well. There are six stops left that could count as 12 for playing in the finals where the penalties will be greatly reduced.

The "hot seat" match was between Mike Roberts and Erik Hjorleifson (8-9) and Mike Roberts bested Erik Hjorleifson 8-3.

The one loss side featured:
Jason Holdaway 9 vs. Paul Meaney 6+ (10-7) and Paul advanced with a 7-6 score. Jason settled for 5/6. Lower bracket had Tony Coelho 5+ vs. Mike Patrowicz 6 (6-7) and it went hill-hill for Mike Patrowicz. Tony Coelho, a fine foosball player, settled for 5/6.

Then it was Mike Patrowicz 6 vs. Paul Meaney 6+ (6-7) and it went hill-hill where Paul fouled in the end giving Mike ball in hand with two balls left. Paul settled for fourth.

Erik Hjorleifson 9+ was waiting for Mike Patrowicz 6 (10-6) and Erik fired a 10-4 to get a rematch with Mike Roberts where Mike secured the stop with an 8- 8 score. Congratulations Mike Roberts

Next week we are going to Strokers in London and after that we will be at Pool Paradise, then is Dunlop in Barrie; Bigwigs in Newmarquet, then Pool Paradise in Waterloo and last stop at Shooters in Scarborough. All stops are counting as double-double for qualifying to the finals. One tournament will be credited as two regarding penalties for the finals.

For further details go http://www.canadian20ktour.com

Complete Payouts:
1st Mike Roberts $1200 including calcutta
2nd Erik Hjorleifson $700 including calcutta
3rd Mike Patrowicz $425 including calcutta
4th Paul Meaney $230 including calcutta
5th Jason Holdaway $60
6th Tony Coelho $60

Second chance winners are:
1st Abby Chang $60
2nd Grant Lee $20