Canadian 20K Tour crowns first female champion

Darcy McGuinley and Hsin Huang

Kenny Chen was our host for this 24th stop on the Canadian 20K Tour in Kitchener, Waterloo. The strong field of 43 players at Pool Paradise made this event full of hill-hill matches.

We all had a real good time, tables played well and it was kept to a one day event to spare the driving the next day (it was very late one day). Six players cashed in and we have the first 20K Tour Female Champion. Congratulations are in order to the new ?Queen?.

The A side top bracket match was Hsin Huang (6) vs. Darcy McGuinley (6) and Hsin Huang bested Darcy with a sound 6-0 score.

The A side bottom bracket was Jeff Lohmer (7+) vs. Naomi Williams (5+) and Jeff won over Naomi with a 7-3 score.

The "hot seat" match was held between Hsin Huang (6) vs. Jeff Lohmer (7+) and Hsin Huang prevailed with a 6-4 score.

The one loss side top bracket featured Dan Devos (8+) vs. Darcy McGuinley (6) and Dan raced to an 8-1 lead and painfully watched as Darcy clawed his way back in the match to a double hill and eventually won the match. Dan settled for 5th/6th.

In the lower bracket it was Erik Hjorleifson (9+) vs. Naomi Williams (5+) and Erik fired a 9-3 score with Naomi settling for 5th/6th.

Next it was Darcy McGuinley (6) vs. Erik Hjorleifson (9+) and Darcy played very well and took the match 6-7. Erik settled for 4th.

Darcy took a small break, recharged his guns and went to battle against Jeff Lohmer (7+) and Darcy McGuinley layed down a 6-3 score. Jeff took 3rd.

Darcy earned his way back to the A side to see the person that sent him to get donuts earlier with a 6-0 score.

Hsin Huang was waiting with lady patience on her side and decided to take the stop with a decisive score of 6-3 and became the first Female Champion of the 20K Tour.

Very well done Hsin Huang, you have played like a champ.

See you all at the next event at Dunlop Billiards in Barrie (705) 721- 0125.

Final results:
1st - Hsin Huang $1550.00 with calcutta
2nd - Darcy McGuinley $900.00 with calcutta
3rd - Jeff Lohmer $550.00 with calcutta
4th - Erik Hjorleifson $350.00 with calcutta
5th - Dan Devos $70.00
6th - Naomi Williams $70.00

Second chance winners are:
1- Mike Patrowicz $ 70.00
2- George Cornelius $ 30.00