Dan Doerner wins Canadian 20K Tour Stop 14

Dan Doerner and Eric Hjorleifson

John White and Shooters Billiards in Scarborough Toronto hosted the Canadian 20K Tour's 14th stop with 44 players. Tour founder and player Nello Robson with son Jeff and room owner from Bigwigs Ken Botham where there among some very good players for the 20K tour.

Again, I had the opportunity to see a recipient of the medal of Canada there who makes a regular practice stop at Shooters. With 20 tables and a good steady clientele along with good hosting, snooker is alive and well in this pool room.

Six players returned Sunday at noon with the top A side match for the "Hot seat" between Eric Hjorleifson 9+ vs. Dan Doener 8 with Dan besting Eric hill-hill (match was 10-8).

B side top bracket featured Terry Mason 5+ vs. Grace Nakamura 6 (match was 6-7). Result: Terry defeated Grace by a 6-1 score.

B side bottom featured Dave McMahon 7+ vs. Mike Roberts 9 (match was 8-10). Result: Dave and Mike went hill-hill with Dave prevailing 8-9.

Then it was Terry Mason 5+ vs. Dave McMahon 7+ and the winner was......... (match was 5-7) Dave 7-2.

Dave then played Eric and once again it was a hill-hill match with Eric winning this time (match is 7-9).

Eric earned the trip back to the A side to see the player that sent him to the B side and needed to win twice to win the stop.

And it was over after Eric missed a cut on a 3 ball and Dan ran out to go undefeated at 8-8 and take the victory.

Final Results
1- Dan Doener $ 1300.00 ** Calcutta
2- Eric Hjorleifson $ 700.00 ** Calcutta
3- Dave McMahon $ 375.00 ** Calcutta
4- Terry Mason $ 175.00 ** Calcutta
5- Grace Nakamura $ 70.00
6- Mike Roberts $ 70.00

The second chance tournament was won by:
1- Jeff Robson $ 60.00
2- Tom McGouran $ 25.00

See you next week at Landmark Billiards in Mississauga, Ontario