Hohmann at 6 and 0 in while Schmidt Finds his Mojo with a 169 at Accu-Stats 14.1 Straight Pool Invitational

John Schmidt

Thorsten Hohmann continued his domination over the field with 60 point wins over Archer who got 3 and Schmidt, 2. It was about then that Schmidt had had enough. Zero for 4 will do that to you. He'd been running high in practice, now all he had to do was bring it to the cameras.

Late Saturday afternoon he met Souquet and things changed. Ralf hadn't performed up to par either. He was 2 and 2, with one of the wins over Schmidt. Neither player was at the peak of their confidence when John broke loose and allowed Ralf only 20.

Now,  he faced Hohmann, John got 2. Hohmann, so far, was invincible. Only Parica had really challenged him and that seemed weeks ago.

At 10pm, Parica added another loss to Souquet's score, and to close out the evening it was Schmidt versus Archer Part 2.

Johnny had got in stroke too, At 7pm,, he pulled a 60-and-out over Parica and rallied to reach 99--one short of the $500 bonus money.

The Double Round Robin event allows each competitor to play each other twice and each Accu-Stats DVD will include both matches. No one wants to be immortalized with 2 losses. And, Johnny had already beaten John.

Schmidt had capitalized on every free moment of practice time possible. Those of you watching the live internet stream saw him run ball after ball between matches.

It sure paid off.  He got to the match free stroking. And all Archer could do was watch. Schmidt quickly ran the 60 and out. In the interest of the high-run bonuses or, more probably, to get another instructional DVD if he gets to 100, he kept swinging. At 100, Commentator Danny D was comparing him to "Machine Gun" Lou Butera. There was no stopping him. At 150, Billy and Danny were making side bets that he'd reach 200. Alas, at 169 he understroked the key ball and fell short of a perfect break shot. John laughed all the way to the bank. He'd beaten Thorsten's 149 and earned an extra grand.

It's not over yet.

Scores so far.

Archer: 2 wins and 5 losses
Hohmann: 6 and 0
Parica: 4 and 0
Schmidt: 2 and 5
Souquet: 2 and 4

Here's the schedule:

3:00pm - Thorsten Hohmann vs. Ralf Souquet
4:00pm - Jose Parica vs. John Schmidt
7:00pm - Johnny Archer vs. Ralf Souquet
8:00pm - Thorsten Hohmann vs. Jose Parica
9:00pm - Playoff - If Necessary

Please note, all times are Eastern.

Visit http://www.accu-stats.com/liveppv.html for your ringside seat and live commentary by Bill Incardona and Danny Diliberto.