Hohmann remains unblemished as day 3 of the Accu-Stats 14.1 Round Robin continues

Thorsten Hohmann (Photo courtesy of Mediumpool.com)

Although off to a rocky start in the opening rack, in day 2, Thorsten Hohmann's recovery skills and consummate cue ball control garnered his second high run of the event at 112. Thorsten's consistency, pattern play, and ability to overcome potential disaster had Accu-commentators Incardona and DiLiberto considering whether Thorsten was the best player, not only playing today, but ever. That's high praise from men who've seen them all.

For other constestants, the Accu-Stats Invitational has held some disappointments. John "Mr 400" Schmidt has hardly lived up to his monicker as he has managed only 24 balls in 4 matches. The 60 point matches put players in a now-or-never mind set. And, that causes panic. On the upside, this is just sort of come-from-behind motivation that John may need to get rolling.

Archer, with a high run of 150-and-out in a previous Accu-Stats tournament, has only managed one win, interestingly enough, against Schmidt.

Johnny has had opportunity. In his 7:00 pm, Friday night match, he scored 45 against Jose Parica's 60. Johnny missed a ball he would have made in the case came of any 9 Ball championship. That seems to be the challenge of 14.1. When a ball gets just outside one's comfort zone, as the consequences are much more dire, errors happen.

8:00pm had John Schmidt (-1) got no sympathy from Thorsten Hohmann with a 60 & Out concluding with a High Run of 112.
10:00pm - Ralf Souquet (60) gave Johnny Archer (15) his 3rd defeat.
11:00pm - Thorsten Hohmann (60) and Jose Parica (54). This was without a doubt the most tightly contested match. Parica needed six when Hohmann was allowed to the table. Thorsten stalled at 58 and a safety battle ensued.

So the tallies so far are, Hohman 4 and 0 losses. Parica 3 and 1, Souquet is 2 and 2,  Johnny is 1 and 3, and Schmidt 0 and 4. For his two, century plus runs, Hohmann has generated an additional $1,000 in bonus money.

Saturday afternoon's session continued with the aforementioned Archer defeating Schmidt 60 to minus 2, and Pareica over Souquet, 60-4.

Can Hohmann prevail? The schedule will prove interesting.

The Afternoon session continues with

3:00pm - Thorsten Hohmann vs. Johnny Archer
4:00pm - John Schmidt vs. Ralf Souquet

And the evening matches scheduled are:

7:00pm - Jose Parica vs. Johnny Archer
8:00pm - Thorsten Hohmann vs. John Schmidt
10:00pm - Ralf Souquet vs. Jose Parica
11:00pm - Johnny Archer vs. John Schmidt

Please note all times are Eastern.

Visit http://www.accu-stats.com/liveppv.html for your ringside seat and live commentary by Bill Incardona and Danny Diliberto.